Rediscovering the catalog of a very intriguing pop composer Yves Simon through the Crème de la crème of the French pop scene, here is Juniore and their comrades for an album called “Génération(s) Eperdu(e)s!”

A tribute album is always a bold, risky and delicate move which can eventually turn out great. Even more so when it comes to interpreting Yves Simon, one of the most gifted songwriters of the French ’70s, but definitely not the most well known.

Yves Simon has inspired the new generation of the French pop artists – and not by accident or due to a recent reissue. His pop songs crossed generations and seem to have landed deeply in the hearts of these new artists who bring their inner perception of Yves Simons’ songs.

And what a cast! Incredible and unique to see so many talents gathered for “Génération(s) Eperdu(e)s!“: Flavien Berger, Juliette Armanet, François & The Atlas Mountains, Radio Elvis, Feu! Chatterton, Soko, Christine and The Queens, Moodoïd, Woodkid & Louis Garell and Juniore.

Juniore is a pop band formed in 2013 around singer Anna Jean. They have recently released their first LP “Ouh là là”.

For their interpretation they chose “Les héros de Barbès”, a song from 1975, where Yves Simon describes the most roaring and vibrant neighborhood of Paris, close to Pigalle and Montmartre. Juniore bring their urgency in the rhythm, their twangy surf guitars and the delicious drawling voice of Anna Jean and gives a blasting echo to the original song.

Successful exercice for a tribute, emphasized by the so ’60s music video #Thethomascrownaffair where the girls convened their friends from the new French scene – Petit Fantôme, Radio Elvis, Clou, etc. Definitely, they gave “Les Héros de Barbès” a stirring homage.

Stream “Génération(s) Eperdu(e)s!” here.


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