Influenced by math rock bands like Battles and Tera Melos, Kyoto-based four-piece group JYOCHO make shiny progressive version of J-Pop.

Two years after Uchu Conbini broke up, the composer and guitarist Daijiro Nakagawa started a new project called JYOCHO with three new players. Bassist Sindee and drummer/flute player Hatch are Daijiro’s friends from Kyoto, but vocalist Rionos lives in Tokyo. Daijiro found her on Twitter.

They just released their first mini album called “A Prayer in Vain”. The first single, “A Life with the Sun”, starts by unison of flute and guitar, followed by Rinos’s pure voice, quite like a boy soprano. It’s Dairijro’s favorite music combination.

By the way, JYOCHO means “atmosphere” or “emotion”. Daijiro still lives in the suburbs of Kyoto. You might find some Wabi-sabi feelings from their music.

Stream “A Prayer in Vain” on Spotify and iTunes.


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