Kabul Dreams

Afghanistan’s prime rockers Kabul Dreams are back with a new EP – and back to the Dari language.

Founded about 10 years ago in the Afghan capital, Kabul Dreams claim they are “the first rock band from Afghanistan”, which might not be true, but they seem to be the most prominent at the moment having just played at SXSW this year.

Sulyman Qardash (voice, guitars), Siddique Ahmed (bass) and Raby Adib (drums) all had to flee from the Taliban during the war, each of them to a different country (Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Iran), but they all came back to Kabul afterwards and met there. In 2011, they released their greatest hit yet. Two years later came their first album “Plastic Words”, and 2017 saw their second LP “Megalomaniacs”.

Now a week ago, they released a new three-track EP called “With Love from Kabul Dreams“, and the first single “Fasl” (فصل) also received a powerful video. What’s special about this EP, is that after a very long time they come back to the Dari language – and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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