Kaç Canım Kalmış

Among the most sincere figures of the Istanbul indie scene, Kaç Canım Kalmış is ready to impress you, even if you do not know a word in Turkish.

After 2000s, the Istanbul indie scene entered a new era. When it came to 2010s, walls began to be built on these solid foundations. One of the interesting bricks on this wall was Kaç Canım Kalmış.

After a remarkable first album called “X3“, which came out in 2014, recently they released their second album named “Şuradan Şurası Bizim“.

“Tokat” is one of the highlights from this album. It is a song that can touch you deeply with a vocal harmony even if you do not understand the language, and soft rock tones that are effortlessly beautiful.

Stream “Şuradan Şurası Bizim” LP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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