Kaho Nakamura

After singing as heroine in Mamoru Hosoda’s animated film “Belle“, promising singer-songwriter Kaho Nakamura (中村佳穂) shared her third full-length effort “NIA”.

Kaho Nakamura started her career when she was a student at the University in Kyoto. She sings in any place and at any time it is possible.

She has great skill in imitating, as if she was a legendary J-pop singer like Hikaru Utada, UA etc. As a result, she’s been gradually growing her audience and got to play in major live venue around Japan, including Fuji Rock festival in 2016.

This year, she made her first album in three years called “NIA”. In the studio, she was accompanied by great musicians.

I particularly love cosmic tracks made by Masahiro Araki (producer of Remigai, tigerMos, CRUNCH). And guitarist Shuta Nishida (from Ohzora Kimishima, ex.Yoshida Yohei Group) playing a complicated base line in “Sayonara(Good-bye) Claire”.

Stream “NIA” LP on Spotify.


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