Kanisaifa is inventive world music project from Latvia who lift listener a few feet off the ground into magical and meditative state, where all the people are equal and free of prejudice.

The creative master mind of the project Kanisaifa is Latvian percussionist Nils Īle who has been dedicated to the art of percussion for many years. Kainisaifa was born out of Īle project Afroambient that emerged in the year of 2001. The latter project sounds more polished and conceptual; it has a vision and a clearer story to tell.

“Atdzīvinot vēju” (Reviving the Wind) is Kainisaifa debut album and it is a great example of inexhaustible possibilities of world music, its creative potential and ability to speak in a language everyone understands. Kanisaifa describes their music as a journey across all around the world, creating a space where the traditional and healing African, Australian, American, Asian and European sound merges with local original Latvian vibrations.

Apart from the mix of sounds and cultures the album leads listener into a beautiful world of smooth rhythms and mystical vocals where all the boundaries of prejudice have been torn down and all the people are equal in their freedom of expression and thoughts.

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