Karina Vismara

Karina Vismara is one of the new faces of the Argentinean folk scene.

She started playing music, first with piano and then with guitar, at the age of 9. Since then, she has developed a strong passion for The Beatles which led her to travel to Liverpool, England, to study music in Paul McCartney’s institution.

There, she wrote a lot of songs and once back in Argentina published a first EP which gave her a lot of attention in local media. She opened the show for Iron & Wine in Buenos Aires and won an award for singer-songwriters. Last year, she published her first LP, “Casa del Viento”, via Argentinean label Exiles Records.

In her new promotional clip “No le digas qué hacer”, directed by José Arturo Joglar Paz, we can see a young country man (a landscape which is easy to relate with Vismara’s music) in between beautiful natural landscapes and under the influence of a mysterious girl.

Listen to “Casa del Viento” in full via Bandcamp and Spotify.


Photo: Forest Estudio

Karina Vismara on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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