Wild imagination and confronting oneself.

KÁRYYN is a producer, composer, and vocalist who makes mysterious, affecting and emotional electronic music. At the beginning of this month she released “Quanta 11:11“, a double-A side comprised of two singles, “Segment & The Line” and “Today, I Read Your Life Story 11:11”.

“Segment & The Line” muses on impermanence and the reality of facing the consequences of our actions. Truly extraordinary, it’s like an expression of the subconscious. Progressing through what you can’t see – the movement of your mind.

This space music and slow-motion sounds reflect her Syrian and Armenian roots. Einstein believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence. Consequently, although born in America, she has strong ties with the Middle East. Her art shows influences from both cultures that exist within her.

In the previous months, she supported The XX on tour and performed at the biggest and most recognized festivals in Europe. Her powerful experimental pop takes you in another dimension. We are really excited and waiting for her debut album that will be released next spring.


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