Kataomoi (片想い)

Stemming from the Tokyo indie scene, the chamber pop octet Kataomoi (One-way Love) seemes to be well-suited band for a wedding party or New Year’s Eve with their funky groove and theatrical performance.

In fact, they attempt to express various, sometimes contradictory feelings, a bit like jazz funerals or brass band parades in New Orleans. In their new single, “Party Kills Me”, they sing: “I could quit music, but no stopping THE music!”. The song shows their attitudes not only about music, but about life.

“Some members have more important things than music, so they could quit music. But some members couldn’t live without music. So at first, they didn’t want to sing this lyric,” the band said recently in an interview with Japanese “Music Magazine”.

Kataomoi (片想い) is made of different personalities. “Our band is interesting because we are like a miniature of society, where different people have different ideas,” they said in the interview for “Music Magazine”. So it’s the same as with beehype.


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