Katarína Máliková

It is difficult to remember a time when an alternative album was this hyped in Slovakia.

Although Katarína Máliková already caught the attention with her debut album “Pustvopol“, “Postalgia” reaches completely new highs.

“Pustvopol” was a clear attempt to re-interpret traditional Slovak tunes and Máliková’s attempts were praised by both the world music experts and casual listeners enjoying the interesting combinations of old tunes and new attitudes. However, Máliková felt like there was more in her – and after several years, “Postalgia” was born.

“Postalgia” is both a more intimate and braver album than her debut. Máliková abandons the safety net of traditional folks tunes and sinks much deeper into her own emotions. Although this sometimes leads to aimless wandering between different moods and verses, some of the results are definitely worth listening to.

“Čierna šelma” is one of those, a perfect synnergy of atmospheric baseline, depressing lyrics and experimental vocals. Another notable piece, “V dome”, works as an excellent centrepiece of the record, a melodic and well-produced future single.

The hype might be slightly exaggerated since Katarína Máliková is still clearly on her mission to find her most vitting voice. However, some of her attempts to do so are already interesting enough to be heard by an international audience.

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