Katarzia released her second album “Agnostika” at Slnko Records label, the same one that took care of her debut in 2013. Like other artists, music writers and authors, she’s faithful to this unique label where you can find a variety of exceptional Slovak music.

Katarzia’s changed a lot since she became part of the scene. After finishing school the musician moved to Prague and basically started to write new music right after the first record. Although it’s Katarzia who’s a driving force of a creative process, “Agnostika” was recorded with help of more musicians and therefore got more diverse and electronic sound.

Personal as well as social issues are the questioned topics in Katarzia’s lyrics. Hitting those that are young, restless, heartbroken, either they’re music lovers, dreamers, social media addicts but most probably all of that at the same time. Just see for yourself, this for example is a clear message to haters from one of the songs: “It’s so easy to blame / ’cause all we want to do / is at least taste / what we can not eat”.

“Hodinový hotel” is one of the most sincere tracks by Katarzia and now we can also enjoy disturbing but yet intriguing atmosphere of the video.

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Photo: Marek Sybal

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