Anthem for single people from Slovak singer-songwriter Katarzia.

Katarzia just released a single “Samota mi nevadí” (I Don’t Mind Solitude), which could refer to current times of isolation and coping with our own thoughts. This is only a second layer though.

The first one is much more personal, Katarzia says she’s OK being single and not looking for anyone. She’s honest when singing she’s “not ashamed to be strong and to be weak”. Despite intimacy, the song has a potential to become an anthem for single people thanks to its statement.

The video supports the quiet and serene atmosphere of the song (waves, island and sunset) but also brings a paradox of euphoric feelings on a trampoline.

Katarzia also refers to celibacy in a song, which is going to be a title of her studio album “Celibát” announced for April.


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