We’re stoked to premiere Katerinha’s soulful debut single “Trippin” on beehype!

Katerinha is a North Macedonian singer-songwriter living and working in Berlin. Her first video was shot on five different locations in North Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The filming locations are futuristic Yugoslavian monuments built in brutalistic style, honoring the Partisan resistance against the Nazis and other occupiers. These artworks were built between the 60s and 80s and yet they portray a future that we haven’t reached yet.”

She found these anchor home points where we always return.   

Changing our home coordinates on the world map can be challenging, it shapes our perspective on the world. When we move from one culture to another, we leave a trail of culture in that space. 

Katerinha is not just mixing the cultures and the sounds, r’n’b/soul with latin and jazz. But she’s also embroidering the nature and architecture, the music and the moves. “Trippin” is a gentle, pure, and incredible story.

Katerinha is currently working on the final production of her short debut EP, whose songs will be released as singles individually within 2020.


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