Katja Šulc

Katja Šulc is a diverse singer at home in many genres – ranging from jazz, soul and r’n’b to reggae and dub.

In the past few years, she’s done well at home and also abroad – performing regionally and further – in Portugal, Spain, France, Turkey and even Mexico and Guatemala.

Even though she started her career singing poetry, her last year’s focus on contemporary gypsy poetry from the Balkans and Eastern Europe was quite a twist in her musical expression. She started collaborating with the Mexican songwriter and violinist Alban Usatch and recorded an album in the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas in Mexico.

The album “Kamlisajlan” was born – sang in Rromani (a language spoken by 12 million Roms all around the world) featuring poetry by Stahiro, Papusza, Rajko Djurić, Ali Krasnići and others. Musically it’s close to folk and world sounds, repetitive and hypnotic.

The “Kamlisajlan” story now continues with remixes of the album done by different Slovenian and foreign producers: Pier, YooRonYaa, Kalu, Christian Kroupa, Bowrain, Žiga Murko, Kotta, RootsInSession, Bungalo Dub (Mexico), El Hijo de la Cumbia (Argentina), Rayo & Ridion (Mexico).

The result is a wonderful album of hypnotic songs combining the best of the world, folk and electronic genres.

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Photo: Rok Mar

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