Katrine Stochholm

Once in a while you come across a newcomer who seems too talented, too professional, too accomplished for a novice. In most of those cases, it’s actually someone well-experienced who’s just starting again under his or her own name.

That’s what Katrine Stochholm decided to do recently. Before that, she’s spent a decade in the acclaimed Danish post-rock group Under Byen, which she co-founded and where she used to sing and play on keys next to her big brother. Having left the band, she formed a duo called Islets of Dust a few years ago and now finally is trying it solo.

As of yet, she has only released two songs, but they’re among the most captivating and beautiful things we heard from Denmark in a while. And apart from the music itself, what makes Katrine special is that she sings in her mother tongue, which is quite rare for (alternative) musicians in this part of Europe.

Katrine certainly likes delicate melodies, magical atmosphere, and long titles. In her first song, “En Dejlig Aften, Stille Sølvklart Vandet“, she used words by a 19th century poet Emil Aarestrup. For her latest single, “Fugle Krybdyr Rovdyr Padder” (listen above), she wrote all the lyrics herself.

Both of these songs late us taste her upcoming debut solo album titled “Danser Til Radio” and produced by Jonas Tranberg. In our humble opinion, it should be considered one of the most awaited releases not only in her homeland but worldwide.


Photo: Margrethe Yasmin

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