Katrine Stochholm

Continuing her solo career, Katrine Stochholm releases her sophomore album to our delight and awe.

After the stellar debut, “Danser til Radio” from 2016, she took her time to release its successor. Consequently, “Verden Består af Samlinger af Stykker” is perfected in every detail, bearing all the marks of Stochholm’s distinctive songwriting.

Stochholm is a terrific composer with a keen ear for subtle melodies. She weaves them together into complex tapestries of sounds that resemble microcosms rather than conventional songs.

In her music, multitudes of different figures and patterns come together in a way that can feel both overwhelming and captivating. This sonic richness, however, in no way impedes its atmospheric qualities.

On “Verden Består af Samlinger af Stykker” percussive sounds and electronic glitches seem more pronounced than before. Accordingly, the album has more of an ethereal feel, but is, nevertheless, quite tender and dreamy.

All in all, this is a worthy successor to Stochholm’s stunning debut, bringing in new sound and a wealth of musical ideas, while retaining the superb quality of her songwriting.

Stream “Verden Består af Samlinger af Stykker” LP on Spotify.


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