A fascinating young artist from Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, at the end of last year Zzara released her debut EP, “Perplex”.

Just like her very first singles, the five-track record shows she doesn’t care about any genre limitations and easily mixes modern R&B with ambient and electronic explorations.

At the end of January, Zzara (real name Zara Beisembaeva, or Зарина Бейсембаева) shared a video for “Girl in the Dark”, certainly one of the mini-album’s highlights.

The clip directed by Alexander Belov (Александр Белов) shows Zzara herself and indeed as a “Girl in the Dark” – though not alone.

Zzara is currently working on her next albu, which is supposed to be released in May and hopefully will bring a well-deserved breakthrough for this talented young artist.

In the meantime, you can stream “Perplex” EP in its entirety here.


Zzara on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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