Japanese word “kedama”(毛玉)has a similar meaning to a ball of wool, and in a way it suits to the first single from Kedama’s new album, “Atarashii Seikatsu” (新しい生活), meaning “Brand-new Life”.

Listening to it, you will soon find out that their many-sided sound is somehow similar to a wool ball with its not-too-straightforward mix and rounded edges.

More directly, the eponymous single off the record bears some resemblance to Alternative Country Music as represented by Wilco, Ryan Adam, and Bright Eyes. But that’s only one part of the Tokyo group’s subtle charm. The other is something that will remind you of the late 90’s Chicago post-rock scene – mainly Jim O’Rourke, Tortoise, and The Sea And Cake – with a very close attention to the sound.

Formed in 2012 and led by the singer and guitarist Hayato Kurosawa (黒澤勇人), the band avoids easy comparisons. Apart from singer-songwriter thing, their preferences apparently include avant-garde and all kinds of crooked, lopsided music.


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