Kedama (毛玉)

If Sufjan Stevens played the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds”, he might sound just like the new album from Japanese quartet Kedama.

The Tokyo based post-rock group, who’s already appeared on beehype once, invited a flute player and sax players for their 2nd album, “Shiawaseno Maho” (しあわせの魔法).

Tricky but dreamy, it’s radical but at the same time includes plenty of good melodies. The band’s music is so friendly, it makes you feel good with its texture like a fur ball – in Japanese: Kedama.

“Dance Dance Dance” is one of the highlights of this album with freaky guitar and horns joined by a lively chorus. And now, it is also accompanied by a mixture of old footage in the new official video.

You can also see members playing instruments with animal mask on the latest music video “Viva!”. On the other hand, another clip “Shiawaseno maho” stars a Japanese tombstone and ghosts.

Please enjoy their happy sad world!


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