Owiny Sigoma Band

Spread between African past and club scene’s present, and between London and Nairobi, Owiny Sigoma Band have just released their third album “Nyanza” that attain to fully deserved critical acclaim.

Owiny Sigoma Band is an ongoing collaboration between the drummer and producer Tom Skinner, keys player Jesse Hackett (once a member of Gorillaz), his brother and bassist Louis Hackett, and from the Kenyan side – singer and Nyatiti player Joseph Nyamungo and a master of Nyidoungue drums, Charles Okoko.

The latter musicians come from Nyanza, the most western province in Kenya, and hence the title of the project’s new effort. The albums quality could be explained by the fact it’s taken 6 years to take the final shape. It was finally recorded a year ago in the Kenyan city of Kisumu (by the Victoria Lake), which gave the band’s eclectic sound a feeling a particular place on the Earth.

Released ahead of the albume’s premiere, “Changaa Attack” is one the record’s highlight and certainly Owiny Sigoma Band’s instant live classic. In just under 3 minutes, it takes us through Joseph Nyamungo’s inspired melodeclamation, kids’ shouts, frenzy loops, to finish far too quickly.

You can stream “Nyanza” LP in its entirety here.


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