KEYMONO is a four-piece Lithuanian band previously known as Brassbastardz. In 2011, they won a Lithuanian “People’s Music Award” in the Electronica/Dance category, and have received many other awards and nominations since then.

In 2013, they signed a publishing deal with EMC/Sony Music and now they’re working on a full-length album (even though two members live in London, and two in Vilnius). Their new single “Go” is the first taste of that upcoming record.

“This track is about those days or years when you get stuck in too much planning, overplaning and scheduling and rescheduling, that fear of what others might say, fear of acknowledgment,” the band members explained. “Sometime you just have to get up and go!”

A really positive song, it’s full of optimistic energy boosted by whistles and melodious synths. Keymono’s music rarely sounds so happy and warm. “Go!” could be their most entertaining since the hit “Bubble in a Trouble“, adding new colours both to the band’s sound and the powerful voice of Daiva Starinskaite (the older sister of Juste Starinskaite from Saules Kliošas).

If you’re having a hard night/morning/afternoon, just push play and “Go!”, and maybe your life takes a new direction.


Photo credit: Neringa Rekasiute

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