Mix the sounds of the city with ethno instruments and you might get something very special. At least this is exactly what KHAYAT did in his debut album.

KHAYAT (real name – Andrii Khayat) got noticed late last year as a participant of the Ukrainian TV contest “The Voice”. His specific voice mesmerised both jury and audience, as his outlook was hardly comparable with the authentic voice. Although he didn’t win the contest, it was a perfect way for him to step out.

KHAYAT’s music can be described as ethno-techno and that was a conscious decision from the artist. Andrii says, he would love to draw youth’s attention to the roots and make old ethno songs known again.

Needless to say, he chose a very clever approach for that. This year he released a debut album KHMIL’ (eng. hop) in cooperation with Masterskaya label. Songs easily combined sounds of car’s engine and subway with duduk, flute and tibetian bowl.

Musician refused to choose one language, so you can find lyrics in Ukrainian, Russian and English. However, do not expect him to become a predictable pop artist, as he still has plenty ideas to unite the future and the past of music.

Stream KHMIL’ LP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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