Kibbo Kift

This could be one of the best Swedish songs of the year.

We are proud to deliver the world premiere of the music video for Kibbo Kift’s latest single ”Kött och blod” (Flesh and Blood). They released the song a couple of weeks ago and since then it’s been on repeat. According to me, this could be one of the best Swedish songs of the year.

It bears so much music, so much feelings and so much of everything I like. The song’s got several hooks that is striking and the Swedish lyrics contain several beautiful one-liners such as ”All of my songs are about you in some way” and ”I’ve been looking for a tone in all of my life”.

Beside a really good pop song they’ve made a really interesting music video. This is what the band has to say about it:

”Kött och blod from our upcoming album ‘Sagosoppa’ starts off as a luring pop song and ends up in a grandiose crescendo. We are here influenced by the music played at Swedish dance parlors in the 70s and 80s. The lyrics speak of heritage and evolving relationships in a family and ask how we grow up without growing apart?”

“The video is a tribute to the cooking shows from the early 20th century, a safe and charming but yet bizarre TV-concept often executed with inimitable clumsiness. This music video is no more a work of fiction than an aspiring social dinner; the food you see was cooked, and the scene at the end is an actual dinner party. However, the masks came off when the camera stopped rolling.”

Kibbo Kift is Rasmus Berglund, Viktor Wennlund and Jonathan Konyi. In the end of April, they will release their debut album “Sagosoppa” through the indie label Som Sverker Recordings.


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