Kicell (キセル)

Riding in a caravan, they are watching scenery and time going by. Kicell’s new video, directed by music producer, singer-songwriter Videotapemusic, might take us to another world.

Founded in Kyoto, but based in Tokyo and Matsumoto, brother duo Kicell (キセル) make psychedelic, dreamy, mellow and funky soundscapes with their own guitar and bass guitar – and with supporting members: drummer, sax and flute player.

With help of some new guest musicians, they describe brighter landscapes.

For example, climbing Mount Fuji in twilight (“Fuji to Yuyami”, watch above) or the time when we are waiting someone special (“Kimi wo Matsuaidani”, listen below) or the time we rest on the way to somewhere (“Ikkai Oyasumi”).

This year, Kicell produced and played on the new album of the female singer-songwriter mei ehara. Her album is beautiful as well, but at first, I would like to insist that their label kakubarhythm keeps releasing Kicell’s great albums.


Kicell on Twitter, www.

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