Kid Flicks

Ευφορία, in English euphoria, is the accurate and perfect word to describe my feelings while listening to Kid Flicks’ new album.

A pleasant trip to a vivid, colorful landscape full of Beach Boys-esque harmonies, sunshine pop hooks and Brazilian psychedelic jams.

But let’s take it from the start. Kid Flicks is the personal music project of Nikolaos Dervisis, a graphic designer based in Athens. He is obsessed with world and experimental music, and he manages to produce well structured tracks, in spite of his creative madness that is obviously reflected on his graphic and music works.

On his self titled third album that contains nine groovy upbeat tracks, Nikolaos will prove to you that Athens is not only a depressed city that constantly kneels by its persistent problems, but alongside this can bring some sunbeams to shine all over you brightly.

His Middle Eastern and traditional Greek percussion in some of his tracks, next to samples and delightful electronic arrangements, will take you to a wonderful pleasant universe filled with kindness and rhythm. Highly recommended to fans of Larry Gus, Vampire Weekend or Animal Collective among others.

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