Kiko Dinucci

Kiko Dinucci is one of the most intriguing musicians of the new Brazilian music in this beginning of the 21st century.

After 17 years when he participated in dozens of projects as guitarist, among them groups Metá Metá and Passo Torto, in 2017 Dinucci released his first solo album, “Cortes curtos”.

It’s an album with extremely dirty guitars and the language of samba. “Cortes curtos” presents us with a series of chronicles on daily and aggressive subjects about the city of São Paulo. In short, we can hear the rebellion of samba with the aggressiveness of punk rock.

All this with the base of Marcelo Cabral on bass and Sérgio Machado on drums. A curiosity: the name of the album was inspired by the title of the film “Short Cuts” (1993), by Robert Altman.

The song “Chorei”, which has the participation of the singer Juçara Marçal, is a good presentation of this chaotic and aggressive work of Kiko Dinucci.

In fact, chaos and aggression are two words that can sum up our strange world in 2017.

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