King Raam

Iranian rock musician and singer/songwriter King Raam, later simply known as “Raam”, released his new single few weeks ago.

“Day Will Come” (Ye Rooz Miad) is a nostalgic song about a once circle of close friends who now live in the four corners of the world: “A day will come, we’ll sit around a bonfire, we’ll sing a nice song, and stay up till morning”. Like others, once he also left home, but now that he has returned, alas, no old friend is left.

The frontman of New York-based post-punk band Hypernova, which was born in the undergrounds of Tehran in the early 2000’s, embarked on his solo career as “King Raam” in 2011 by releasing “Songs of the Wolves” and changing his style into a softer acoustic rock.

After coming back to Iran in 2014, he started new projects and released several singles. These singles are presented as a Soundcloud album called “A Day & A Year”.


Photo: Saba Moghadami

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