Kirin Trio

Indie pop continues to find cozy comfort in the coastal beach vibes of Xiamen with Kirin Trio

The trio’s members include vocalist Zhuang Jing, guitarist Chen Zhenchao (of White Tulips and Cheesemind fame), and drummer Huang Da.

They settle nicely into their surroundings, offering crunchy surf-rock tunes that sizzle like a can of soda pop.

While there are moments where the band seems to be invoking Mandopop’s past for inspiration, there’s a lot more going on under the hood in their recent EP “人生的假日” released by the label Sheng Jian Records.

For example in “Never Happened”, they are not afraid to lean into a swelling guitar solo and give listeners a song tailor-made for the sun.

Stream “人生的假日” EP on Bandcamp.


Kirin Trio on Spotify.

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