Klinika Denisa Kataneca

Indie romantics from Croatia revisit their great recent album with a simple but spellbinding animation about falling.

If you ask me which album was the best in 2020 in Croatia, I would say “Jada Jada” by Klinika Denisa Kataneca (in our yearly voting pool, he was third). “Patkica” (in English “The Duckling”) is one single from that album.

For years, Denis has been one of the most respected authors in the alternative scene, but a few years ago, he made total reset, he formed a great band in which his sense for melody and lyricism got full potential.

Video for “Patkica” is very simple (animation by Dominik Šitum), but it is followed by lyrics about falling (this falling can be interpreted in so many ways). As a final product, it introduces Denis and the band in the most precise way, as indie romantics who never get the visibility they deserve.


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