Kimberley Hunter (or km for short) is a young singer-songwriter from Townsville in north-east Australia who’s been exploring the beauty of minimal acoustic songwriting for the last five years or so.

Her new 4-track EP, “More Me Than You“, demonstrates the power of a simple melody when you find the right one, and km does have a talent for that. And then there’s honesty. She dedicated this album to “the misfits, all those people who don’t fit into the social norms of life, or who have had it tough”.

“It’s for them, for the relationships and friendships they find that make what they’ve been through, and what they are going through, better and easier to handle. Makes it beautiful,” she told us. “They are my favourite type of people to meet and see.”

While you can stream the whole EP on Bandcamp, “Their Own Storm” is the shortest and possibly our favourite song off this mini-album. Apparently, it also has a special meaning for km. “It still plays in my head as a backing track,” she said, “when I’m around the couples that don’t make sense but fit so well.”

km on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

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