Koji Nakamura

In the storm of shoegaze sound by metallic synthesizer, his voice and ambient rhythms are running through an “unmapped route”.

Two weeks ago, alternative rock band SUPERCAR’s frontman Koji Nakamura released new song called “Chizu ni nai route” (地図にないルート), or “Unmapped route”, in a collaboration with the Swedish car producer Volvo.

This song is part of his new playlist project on Spotify called “Epitaph”. “We can consider making a pop song finished after many people have listened and sympathized with the song. By using a streaming service, we can guess when the song should be finalized,” Koji Nakamura said in an interview with Dai Onojima for “Real Sound“.

“I started to be interested in releasing music on streaming services after 3/11 Tohoku earthquake. It is a simple thought: I didn’t like the situation that we couldn’t listen music because we had lost CDs and vinyl records because of the earthquake.”

This electro sound might be a metaphor of the earthquake disaster, so the way this song drives might be a road destroyed by earthquakes, which continue to be happening somewhere around the globe.


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