Spend the next 5 minutes with “Smoke & Mirrors”, a new video from similarly titled debut LP of the Belgian project Konoba.

A musical career is often like sowing a seed, watching a beautiful plant grow slowly, and see it turn into a unique and dazzling creature a few years later, thanks to a relentless gardener paying the necessary attention to his beloved tree or shrub.

This seems to be exactly what’s happening to Konoba right now. After a first EP in 2011 and some more releases in the following years, 2017 may become a key year for this brainchild of Raphael Esterhazy, a Belgian artist who spent some of the past years in England.

“Smoke & Mirrors” sounds like a sequence of mystifying rooms connected by sliding doors. You never know what’s going to be behind the next one, but you know you can be at ease, cause Konoba’s world is full of harmonious scenes.

Konoba is not being too mysterious about the artists that influenced its music, and why should that be a bad idea?

They list acts like Alt-J, Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes and James Blake on their Facebook page, and we must admit that Konoba could be a great common denominator of many songs of these established names.

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