Koochewsen (クウチュウ戦)

Tokyo-based quartet Koochewsen (クウチュウ戦) plays complicated music influenced by great progressive rock bands from 1970s like King Crimson or Pink Floyd.

But the singer and guitarist Riyo also loves “evergreen” melodies of 70s Japanese folk artists like Yosui Inoue, who appeared at number 3 in our Best Japanese Albums list. Actually, they have covered Yosui’s hit song “Yume no Naka e” (Into the Dreams).

By the way, their name means “dogfight” (battle in the sky) and finally, they fly to the space in the music video for their new single, “Boku no Koto Suki” (ぼくのことすき), or “Do You Love Me?”.

The song is the opening track of Koochewsen’s upcoming third mini-album, “Choō nōryoku serenāde” (超能力セレナーデ), which means “Supernatural Serenade”.

The video’s director Mani Kato a.k.a. manifilms synthesized the group’s members with a launch scene of a space shuttle, and it is an accurate visualization of their musicality.

Their melodies and psychedelic sound take you to another space, which might be our lost love or a childhood summer, in Japanese “Shonen Jidai” – the title of Yosui’s famous number.


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