Dark and melancholic video from Belgian group Krankland leaves lots of room for your own imagination.

Thomas Werbrouck used to be one of the upcoming noisemakers in the Belgium music scene with Little Trouble Kids. Somewhere in 2016 he took everyone by surprise with Krankland, his new project in which melancholy is one of the main keywords.

“Rat Race of the Slugs”, off his latest album “Wanderrooms“, has this sound that would be called typically Belgian in the early 90s. At the time, dEUS just signed a worldwide deal with Universal, becoming our best known band abroad, creating the idea that Belgian music always had to be a bit weird or special. Jazzy yet poppy, experimental yet catchy, this song would perfectly fit on the “Zea” EP by dEUS, or on the debut album of this legendary band.

The video is a real piece of art. Dark and melancholic, and leaving lots of room for your own imagination. A beautiful naked lady is slowly being covered with rotten fruit and brought to some giant insects. All of a sudden, the lady is gone? What has happened? Up to the viewer to create his or her own story.


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