Kreld & Jófríður

Not to confuse him with a former president of Iceland, Kristján Eldjárn is an experienced electro musician based in Reykjavík who has just started his new project Kreld in the most impressive way.

In his debut single under this monicker, Eldjárn takes us through a “melancholy piece of electronica”. This mood is only strengthened by the guest appearance of Jófríður Ákadóttir from Samaris, and of all the songs that have her amazing voice, “Way Low” could be among the most beautiful ones.

Still, we’re most impressed by the two dancers, Selma Reynisdóttir and Viktor Leifsson, who star in the video directed by Magnus Andersen. When you’ll be enjoying their underwater choreography, please remember the clip was shot “in the dead of night in -7°C”.


Kreld on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, www.

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