Kris Dane

The European summer is slowly coming to an end, and that period is always a good one to look back at what the year has offered us so far.

Digging back to May we come across the single “Mangrove” by Kris Dane that’s still filling us with joy a few months later.

Without getting to mainstream attention or selling out major venues, Kris Dane has been working hard over the past years. His six albums yielded him many 4 and 5 star reviews and lots of appreciations from music fans inside and outside Belgium.

Minor chords have often been dominating Dane’s musical career and melancholy has almost always been present or at least right next door. These elements also make “Mangrove” a typical Kris Dane song.

This slowly paced tune leads you along paths that are either dark or rainy, and while it’s surprisingly pleasant to watch what’s happening, even making you feel part of it, you’re also glad that you’re only a spectator.

U.N.S.U.I.‘, the album on which ‘Mangrove’ appeared, dates from 2018. At the moment Kris Dane is quietly working on his seventh album. To do so, he seeks the tranquility of an idyllic horse property. This should result in an intimate solo album.

We are already curious, and those who want can get a foretaste during some tryout concerts this autumn.


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