Kristen already appeared on beehype in our Best of 2014. Expect to see them again in our Best of 2016 with their new album “LAS”, out now via Instant Classic.

The group first gained fame as Poland’s chief representatives of post-rock, but during the next decade and a half they’ve kept adding new inspirations to the mix and eventually developed their own, ever-evolving genre that could only be called Kristen music.

Record after record, they’ve become as ambiguous as you can get in music: are they a rock band, avant-garde improvisers or a contemporary music quartet on this 8th album? Thus “LAS” (“Forest”) should draw you in whatever kind of music you usually listen to – as long as you don’t mind long, repetitive instrumentals.

While you can stream the the 5-track, 35-minute album right now on YouTube or buy it on Bandcamp, here’s the first single “Salto”, accompanied by some very suitable shots from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

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