Here’s the result of three musicians meeting in Rotterdam and playing the musical “all in” card.

To be exact only two thirds of the trio are Slovenian: vocalist Eva Poženel and pianist Rok Zalokar, while the drummer Sun Mi Hong was born in South Korea. Their style is diverse and free but it always feels close to the jazz heritage with a bit of theater in it.

But Kukushai are not your usual jazz band at all. Sometimes it seems they just go crazy and fight through the huge genre palette of punk, rock, pop and anything alternative. The trio is not at all committed to one genre but in search of the right expression at the right time. For the price of anything…

When a feeling must be reproduced musically they tend to go everywhere. Even more so in the live situation, as the compositions enable open improvisation and can take the music even further.

Frutile” is the band’s debut (after the self-titled EP from 2014) recorded in different halls, bedrooms, basements and living rooms across Europe.

It was released in May by ZARŠ – the record label of the Slovenian Radio Student.

Stream “Frutile” LP on Bandcamp.


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