Kutiman recently released his long-awaited album “6am“, which is a great occasion to tell you about my top choice musical group going by the name Kutiman Orchestra.

It’s a band led by Ofir Yekutiel (Kutiman) that has went on a mission to create that Herbie-Hancock-Jazz-Funk-Psychedelic vibes. Every show or recording involves long jamming sessions to a beat designed by Kuti.

The Orchestra consists of brass players, two percussionists, bass, guitar, keys and guest vocalists Adam Scheflan or Karolina. On their new LP, the Orchestra discovers a bit vintage rock-ish sounds, which may be felt through the use of Adam Scheflan singing and slightly distorted guitar playing.

It is yet another piece of gold that Kutiman’s fans have been waiting for. And another 33 minutes to spread over Israel’s psychedelic scene and encourage anyone who is luckily able to attend their concert and absorb the whole experience.

Besides being an outstanding composer and keys player for the Orchestra, Kutiman is also known for his viral presence. Last year, a video called “Inner Galactic Lovers” was released, which mixes different musicians from around the world, a collaboration with “Fiverr” – a freelancers world-wide platform.

Recently Kutiman also had his first cinematic thumb-print with “Presenting Princess Shaw” documentary, which tells the story of Kutiman discovering Samantha Montgomery from the other side of the world.

While you can stream Kutiman Orchestra’s new LP in its entirety here, here is his most recent video for “Stranger On The Follow” from the new album. I don’t think it represents fully Kutiman’s music, but is a good entry point.


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