Zahed Sultan

Kuwaiti artist Zahed Sultan’s sophomore album “eyeamsound” is an epic follow-up to his debut album released in 2011, titled “Hi Fear, Lo Love.” In both albums there are references to mobility and heartbreak, but “eyemsound” becomes a politically charged discussion as heard in tracks like “Democrazy” and “Bedoon”.

The latter creates a visceral interpretation of the sobering stories of the traditionally nomadic, Bedouin life. Lyrically, the track is somber and surreal, which is then highlighted by the dubby bassline, percussive bursts, and the jangling “sik sik” of finger cymbals common to Arabic music.

“eyeamsound” is available on the artist’s website as well as on Spotify.

Zahed Sultan on Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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