Kyriah Dee

Kyriah Dee belongs to a generation of young female Zimbabwean artists, like Hope Masike, Rina Mushonga and Chashe.

Currently based in Dublin, she mixes elements of afrobeat, soul, jazz and pop with gospel that was her first music experience.

Her new single “Handei Kumafaro” (“Let’s Go Party” in Shona language) serves as an appetizer for the album called “Kyrisal” which comes out at the end of February.

“The video concept was about returning to the beauty of happiness,” Kyriah says. “Notice, I traveled in a tuk tuk instead of a flashy car. Sat on a wooden park bench instead of a golden throne. Had a picnic set on hay bales instead of a fancy restaurant with fine furniture and china. Danced under a tree decorated in Christmas lights and African fabric instead of a club with disco balls.”

“Unchoreographed dances because everyone should be able dance how they feel. In a nutshell, fun does not discriminate, anyone can have it.”

Kyriah Dee on www, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

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