#monsteramonday! The most hipster plant of the recent years, Monstera deliciosa, is illustrated on the cover of Kyson’s new EP, “Every High”.

Kyson is the musical project of producer/singer Jian Kellett Liew. Australian born, now Berlin-based producer accidentally came into fame when he won a Bon Iver remix competition.

It seems that he believes that only by reducing the complexity, one can achieve and present the true core of the feelings. By adding more and more, we put a mask. “There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”

Smile, breathe, slow down and let “Every High” hypnotize you, forget about everything as his words and melodies wash over you.

The EP features tracks from the “Every High / Clear Air” AA-Single and “Forest Green / Have My Back” AA-single. And the artwork was created by B.D. Graft. The sound could be easily defined as abstract electro-folk that’s designed to take you closer to his complex and nomadic soul.

About the video for the eponymous track, he says:

“The clip was shot on the Island of Malta and its stunning surrounding islands. Being there definitely felt right as the island has a wonderful sense of calm and tranquillity, that we wanted to put into the visuals.”

“When scouting for locations, the breathtaking landscapes mixed with abandoned five-star beachfront hotels was definitely an interesting and inspiring mix of urban decay and nature in all its beauty.”

Stream “Every High” EP on Bandcamp.


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