La Chica

A colourful and mesmerizing debut EP from French-Venezuelan singer and multi-genre explorer La Chica.

Almost two years ago, La Chica (real name Sophie Fustec) gave us “Oasis”, which is certainly among the most beautiful songs we’ve heard in the recent years. “Oasis” smoothly switched between inconspicuous piano ballad and an almost James Blake-y bass-infused electronic hymn, keeping you glued to the speaker until the last sound.

The song was accompanied by an equally captivating video clip directed – and heavily processed – by Noamir. The combination of such suggestive audio and video elements resulted in an unforgettable overall experience, which deserved even more YouTube views than it has received to date.

In 2017, La Chica finally gave us her first EP, also titled “Oasis”. Over the five tracks recorded in Paris – she lives in France – La Chica further demonstrated how easily she can switch between styles, sounds, instruments, moods – and even languages. In just about 20 minutes, she compressed enough ideas to possibly make a full-length album.

The release of this first EP, which came out at the beginning of this year, was once again accompanied by a very special video, this time created by Temple Caché for an English-Spanish song “Be Able”.

As the title of the single suggests, it is a straightforward call to get up and do, be, live – in the real meanings of these words. Let’s hope La Chica keeps doing exactly that, and helps us follow her lead.

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