La Gran Mawon

Flamboyant first-ever video from La Gran Mawon will remind you about Caribbean waves and the greennes of Dominican countryside.

In 2016, La Gran Mawon offered us its first production, a work that showed who they were, their sound, their roots, how they worked as a group, and this same album was part of our list of the best Dominican releases of the year.

In 2017, the boys decided to make themselves known outside of the island. After a long tour of the United States, today they released their first music video. The song chosen to be immortalized in a visual way was “Muchachita Framboyan”.

“Muchachita Framboyan” (Framboyan is a royal poinciana or flamboyant, it is also one of several trees known as “flame tree”) is a song that has a sound magic that makes it special, our Afro-Dominican ingredients become one with a piano and a trumpet, in soft melodies that draw the Caribbean, the waves of the beach, that color green of the countryside, that flavor sound that La Gran Mawon make.

The video by the team of Mente Fritas was directed by Yoel Morales, who was in charge of the Dominican film “Azul Magia“. “Muchachita Framboyan” shows us a movie story full of mysticism, we see La Gran Mawon doing what she does best, while a story of love and charm happens in front of our eyes…

Nothing can be what it seems, pay attention and enjoy.


Photo: Thaís Espaillat

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