La Lusid

La Lusid is hailing from Stockholm and Uppsala has quite fast become a name on the Swedish indie scene.

With steady support from Birds Records they started out doing songs in Swedish but the single “Empty Bones” is their first one in English. The thing I like the most with La Lusid is that I don’t really know what to expect from them. Sometimes they feels like a pop-jazz band, sometimes like alt-folk and sometimes just like a normal pop band that think they were alive in the sixties.

Besides their dynamic sound we have to talk about the singer Paulina Palmgren and the fact that she manage to sound huge and vulnerable at the same time. You can’t resist not to think about Amanda Bergman from Amason when you hear Paulina and Empty Bones and that might be the biggest compliment in modern age.

But this song is more than something that sounds like something else, it contains air and ponderosity, beautiful drums and a feeling that things could be quite nice, after all.


Photo: Albin Händig

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