La Máquina Camaleón

One of the most awaited songs from the most hyped album of the year, from the biggest band at the moment in Ecuador.

“Motora” was already a classic upon its release, the band had been playing it a little over a year or so and it was one of the songs known to be a hit from La Maquina’s new album, “Amarilla“.

“Motora” is a catchy and fast song with electric guitars creating a deep rush over heavy keyboards that give the chorus the right hype before turning in the catchy “a ningun lado..”.

The outro is an intense, addictive wall of sounds coming together to create this final climax before turning off.

With Felipe, the frontman, currently living in Buenos Aires, “Motora” will be missed for a couple months in Ecuador. But he will surely – with a pair songs – make a great return.

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