La Pequeña Revancha

Venezuelan duo La Pequeña Revancha are back with a new, more complex sound, but their songwriting remains as mesmerizing as ever.

Their comeback single, “Yo Era el Sol” (“I Was the Sun”), also announces the Caracas-based duo’s second EP, a follow-up to their debut effort “Falsos Hermanos” released almost three years ago.

While their early material wasn’t your typical singer-songwriting – showing some influences of film music and post-rock – on this new single Claudia Lizardo and Juan Olmedillo make a big step off the well-trodden path into unknown.

It’s also a hint why they names their upcoming record “Pasos sincopados”, or “Syncopated Steps”. In just over 3 minutes, “Yo Era el Sol” brings several layers of sounds from the acoustic guitar to strings to a distant gothic choir.

It’s certainly only a little bit of what La Pequeña Revancha plan to surprise us with on “Pasos sincopados”, but it already proves they spent those last three years creatively.


Photo:  Nicolás Manzano

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