La Tortuga China

Hypnotizing first video “Cuerpo (Im)propio” from La Tortuga China’s recent debut album – or should we say his therapy session.

La Tortuga China is guitarist and songwriter Francis Pérez’s newish solo project. A psychologist by trade, Pérez has constructed his fascinating new record, “FANTASMA” – a concept album of sorts – around a therapy session where the protagonists speak in song.

Francis’s previous band – Superaquello – helped birth the modern independent music scene, having released four highly influential albums during their short career. In the video for “Cuerpo (Im)propio”, the first single off “FANTASMA”, he is once again joined by his old bandmate, Eduardo Alegría (now leader of the rock ensemble Alegría Rampante), who co-directed the effort.

The clip helps highlight the song’s infectious groove, with its quick cuts and theatrically seductive production.

“FANTASMA” was produced by Eduardo Cabra, also known as “Visitante” of the internationally renowned Calle 13, who was recently awarded the Latin GRAMMY for Producer of Year by The Latin Recording Academy.

This is not their first collaboration, as Francis contributed guitar arrangements to two of Calle 13’s most beloved songs: “Prepárame La Cena” from 2010’s “Entren Los Que Quieran” and “Fuera de la Atmósfera del Cráneo” from 2014’s “MultiViral”. He also shares a writing credit with Calle 13’s other half, René Pérez Joglar (‘Residente’ of Calle 13), on his recent hit single “Desencuentro”.

Stream “FANTASMA” LP here.


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