La Yegros

“We have voice!” – declares La Yegros in the great new video from her third LP, “Suelta”.

Throughout her career, which started in 2013 with “Viene de mí” EP, La Yegros mixed Argentinean root genres like carnavalito and cumbia, both rhythms from the northern side of the country, with electronic beats. Now living in France, this year La Yegros published her third album: “Suelta”.

In this third effort, she adds rhythms like huayno, chacarera, and even some Middle Eastern-sounds, among instruments like the Andes flute. The lyrics are about her origins and some social issues.

One clear example of this is “Tenemos voz”, a song with the Scottish MC Soom T., which is also a manifesto about the place of women in modern society – the song title is the Spanish for “We have voice”. The beautiful visuals show us the process of a painted mural with a story itself.

“Suelta” was released by her own label Canta la selva and was produced by King Coya, one of the pioneer Argentinean producers in fusing electronic with Latin American folklore.

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