Laika suns

What does it mean to be a rock band in the 21th century? Laika Suns answer this questions with two colourful singles.

Laika Suns is one of the most professional and skilled Latvian rock bands that makes tuneful, dynamic and powerful music. Almost three years after their previous album “Gaismas lādiņš” release Laika Suns this year made a comeback with an atmospheric and catchy song “Sitīsim logus” (Let’s break the windows), followed by “Sirds” (Heart).

Band stated that they took a short break just to find out what it means to be a rock band in the 21th century. Still it`s not clear if a band has got any closer to the answer but “Sitīsim logus” can be considered as an effort to get closer to it.

As the song was publish in the beginning of summer, it is easy to catch the summer vibe and maybe revisit those hot and lazy summer days that have long passed. The melody and mood of the song expresses freedom and thrill that everyone could relate to.

It’s not clear whether Laika Suns are preparing new album or just randomly recording new songs, but seems like they are determined to become the rock band that characterizes 21th century. And when they will reach that point the result could be stunning.

Meanwhile, Laika Suns recently presented a new single “Sirds” that substantiates the aesthetics of their new sound. Seems like the music the band is making right now confirms that they are vigorous and willing to spread the message of joy to the world.

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